The Curriculum

(Based on C.B.S.E) Our school renders a stress free learning environment for our students though interactive methodology from Nursery to +2 level. Teaching is imparted through authentic and innovative modes CCE scheme Covers alround development of children through Formative and Summative Assessment. The medium of instruction is English. However emphasis is also given to teaching of Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu. Special attention is paid to strong character formation and development of personalities through a variety of activities like Yoga, Music, Physical and Health Education, Computer courses, Moral science teaching, Inter house competitions like speech, Debate, Quiz, Science lab activities, Projects etc. Smart classes are introduced to make the learning more interesting and effective.


OXFORD PUBLIC SCHOOL students are expected to behave themselves like gentlemen/women at all times and in all places. The wholehearted co-operation of parents and guardians is expected all times in the formation of character of their children. As the child progresses from the lower to upper classes he/she will be given increasing opportunity to shift from conforming to externally imposed order to self imposed discipline. The school will insist on street punctuality, regular attendance, cleanliness in dress, books, copies and fidelity to study and work assignments.

Absence from school for merely social function will be strongly discouraged. Students are answerable to school authorities for their behavior in and outside the school. Hence misconduct in public places and conveyances justifies dismissal. Irregular attendance, habitual illness or idleness, objectional moral behavior, conducts detrimental to the ordinary life of the school, continual failure to make satisfactory progress in studies and above all discourtesy, disrespect and disobedience to teacher staff and parents are each a sufficient cause for dismissal.

Our Commitments

We assure you that every child is properly cared as per provisions of the RTE act in harmony with mission and vision of Our school. Our moral commitment to insure the holistic development of our students is never to be thought upon again. We are bound to provide all facilities to our children so that they can make their outstanding contributions in the nation building. We insure that every child is our child and his alround development is our prime responsibility.


OXFORD PUBLIC SCHOOL has a team of qualified and experienced teachers from other states having innate passion of teaching as well as learning. The teachers of our school are the guardians, guides, friends, philosophers and counselors of our students. The school organizes various seminars, workshops, refresher courses, training programmes, and excursion tours to update their skills regularly.

Our mentors embody the ethos of the school as caring motivated and enthusiastic individuals who inspire and enthuse, support and encourage every child to be the best that they can be, equipping them for their future prospectus. We pride ourselves on the support offered to us by the teachers who have rendered their valuable contributions in the glory of ourschool.